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Syzl is growing. Join a team that prioritizes diversity, cultivates creativity, and pushes boundaries.

Who we are

Syzl is a team of designers, developers, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs with a shared vision: To enable the world’s most exciting and diverse cuisines to be made anywhere. We believe great food is the backbone of culture, and we want to empower the next wave of food pioneers.

Our Values

  • Be hungry Literally and metaphorically. Hungry to provide value, hungry to push our boundaries, hungry for knowledge and to try new things.
  • Elevate diversity We strive for equity and take the responsibility for creating inclusive opportunities.
  • Every second matters We believe in intense efficiency and value the time of our teammates and our users.
  • Build your village Collaboration is the name of the game. We care about cross-functional perspectives and understand that diverse ideas make for the strongest teams.
  • Failure isn’t failure Unless it’s repeated. We embrace learning from our mistakes and believe that we’re stronger for it. A company thrives when its teams aren’t afraid to be bold and we encourage measured risk taking.
  • For the love of food Ultimately, it’s why we’re here.

The Perks

A digital-first team. Our team uses cutting-edge online collaboration tools to work together across multiple time zones. For most of us, that means working from the comfort of home and having control over your schedule.

Time to recharge. We believe time off is essential to well being, and encourage all of our employees to take the time they need to rest & rejuvenate through an unlimited amount of vacation days.

Work from home set-up. To do your best work, you need the right tools. That’s why we’ll pitch in to help you set up your workspace to be the most productive.

You’re free to wander. For up to 3 months each calendar year, Syzl employees can work from anywhere. So go ahead, power up that wifi and find a cozy spot on a beach in Thailand or work from a cabin in the mountains of Patagonia.

Focus on health. We provide extended health & dental benefits as well as a virtual care program including access to a virtual mental health practitioner and refilll prescriptions.

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